Slow-Cooked Lamb Roast Meal Kit for 4

Slow-Cooked Lamb Roast Meal Kit for  4

Roast Lamb How To and Cooking Instructions:

Our roast lamb shoulder has been cooked low and slow  for 12 hours to ensure that the meat is tender juicy and soft for you when you eat it. We have vacuum sealed this for your convenience. Our suggestion for you when you are ready to serve this is to  remove from bag and pop into the oven in a baking tray or oven roasting pan at 160 - 180c for 20- 30 min. (dependent on oven type). Keep juices from bag and add to gravy to liking (Secret chef tip)

Roast Vegetables: Tips and How to:

Chop and slice all vegetables evenly. This allows for more even cooking time and consistency.

Group vegetables based on their cooking time. Note: Root vegetables (potato, pumpkin, etc.) take longer time to roast that cruciferous ones (broccoli, beans, onion). Group accordingly and place on separate pans to allow for the finish time of baking to be at the same time.

Avoid putting too many vegetables on one tray. This will often mean they won’t get as crispy or crunchy as you like. The more spread out they are the more golden and crispy they will become.

Season appropriately– we love adding salt, pepper, crushed garlic cloves, olive oil and chilli. Fresh herbs are also delicious. Rosemary, thyme, and sage are our go to!

Harissa Butter Roast Vegetables:

Take the Harissa butter out and bring to room temperature.

Once vegetables are roasted, remove from oven roasting tray and place in mixing bowl. Toss through room temperature butter until vegetables are fully coated and all butter is melted. Serve and top with toasted almonds and pangrattato.

Potato Bake:

Our potato bake is already cooked and just needs to be reheated. Remove lid and put in the oven for 20 -30 min at 160 – 180 degrees (oven dependent)

Take out and serve, seasoning with salt and pepper if desired.


Our Gravy is already made and ready to go for you. When 5 minutes away from serving your meal, place the gravy in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once brought to the boil, take off the heat. This is now ready to serve.  Keep juices from bag and add to gravy to liking (Secret chef tip)

Mint Salsa Verde to be served cold or room temperature. Can be stored in the fridge for 5 days.

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